Fab Feb – 27th February

Equal Exchange Dark Chocolate with Lemon Ginger and Black Pepper - £2.49 for 100g bar; £2.24 with Fab Feb’s 10% off This is a new item in the shop, brought in for Fairtrade Fortnight which starts on Monday. This is a vegan bar of chocolate, it’s Fairtrade registered, organic and delicious – what more could … Continue reading Fab Feb – 27th February

Fab Feb – 26th February

Superfoodies range This is a lovely range of so-called superfoods – powders you can add to your food to make it even better! There is 10% off this range in its distinctive orange packaging for Friday 26th February and Saturday 27th February.  Lucuma Powder – 100g bag for £4.99/£4.49 This is a natural sweetener from … Continue reading Fab Feb – 26th February

Fab Feb – 24th February

Suma/Iris Pasta We stock four of the range from Suma/Iris and for 24th and 25th February, they’re all 10% off. We have: Wholewheat (£1.15/£1.03) and white (£1.05/95p) spaghetti; Wholewheat penne (£1.09/98p); Tricolore spirals (£1.45/£1.30). The whole range is organic and environmentally responsible. It’s made for Suma by Iris Bio from Padena in Northern Italy. Both … Continue reading Fab Feb – 24th February