Fab Feb – Peppermint Tea

Essential Trading Organic Peppermint Tea bags This is a really refreshing tea – leave to infuse in hot water for at least 5 minutes and drink after a meal to aid digestion.  Add a chocolate tea bag for a liquid after dinner mint! Did you know that this tea is biodynamic? Biodynamic is a way … Continue reading Fab Feb – Peppermint Tea

Fab Feb – Suma Pasta

Suma/Iris Pasta We stock four of the range from Suma/Iris and for Saturday 18th and Monday 20th February, they’re all 10% off.  We have: Wholewheat (£1.15/£1.03) and white (£1.09/98p) spaghetti; Wholewheat penne (£1.39/£1.25); Tricolore spirals (£1.75/£1.57). The whole range is organic and environmentally responsible.  It’s made for Suma by Iris Bio from Padena in Northern … Continue reading Fab Feb – Suma Pasta

Fab Feb – Granovita pates

Granovita Pates                We stock a good range of Granovita’s pates in tubes and tins – we have a selection of six classic and two new flavours for you to choose from, all with 10% off (prices show original price/10% off): Chickpea £1.65/£1.48 Tofu and Tomato £1.65/£1.48 Mushroom £1.65/£1.48 Peppercorns £1.65/£1.48 *NEW* Red Pepper and Almond … Continue reading Fab Feb – Granovita pates