We Are Now Closed

Hornett Wholefoods is now closed, thank you to all of our customers in the shop, online and at various fairs; it’s been a blast!

biona_sauceThe shop was run by husband and wife, Emma and Jonathan Hornett. We have lived in Wellingborough for 16 years, we have stood locally for the Green Party, Emma is a vegan and Jonathan is a vegetarian; we also ran a busy gardening company, Hornett Garden Services.

Emma said “We created Hornett Wholefoods as the shop we’d like to visit with all the things we like to eat but can’t buy in supermarkets, such as vegan Worcester Sauce and peanut butter that does not include palm oil or genetically modified ingredients. We also offer lots of gluten-free options and have chilled and frozen foods too.”

The good news for shoppers is that the supermarkets have now caught up with us, with most supplying some of the items we stocked.  Another shop to visit that is a kinder, more environmentally friendly alternative to supermarkets locally is The Daily Bread in Northampton.  They stock most of what we did and have knowledgeable staff to help too.

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