Fab Feb – Matcha Tea

Fab Feb bannerClearspring Matcha Tea

matchaWe have the vividly green Clearspring Matcha tea powder on offer for you for two days – Friday 24th and Saturday 25th February.  A 40g pouch normally costs £9.99, but this is reduced to £8.99 for the duration.

Why drink Matcha?
Matcha has formed part of ancient Japanese tea rituals for centuries as it’s believed to have many health benefits:

  • It’s an antioxidant;
  • It’s claimed to boost the metabolism, so help with weight loss;
  • Reduces stress
  • And many more…

Watch this videomatcha-ritual from Bosh! to see more information…

Clearspring Matcha Tea is grown and packed in Kyoto, Japan so is an authentic green tea.  There are ideas for three uses for the tea on the back of the pouch – in a hot tea, a chilled vanilla matcha latte and in desserts.  It’s a versatile ingredient to have in your kitchen cupboards!

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