Fab Feb – Peppermint Tea

Fab Feb bannerEssential Trading Organic Peppermint Tea bags

peppermint teaESS-082_40This is a really refreshing tea – leave to infuse in hot water for at least 5 minutes and drink after a meal to aid digestion.  Add a chocolate tea bag for a liquid after dinner mint!

Did you know that this tea is biodynamic?

Biodynamic is a way of taking organic and Fairtrade farming one step further to create healthy soils, healthy plants and a healthy environment.

Essential’s range of herbal infusions are grown in Egypt on 2000 acres of reclaimed desert sand.  Drinking then means you are helping to create and sustain these healthy, resilient ecosystems, securing the livelihood of thousands of people.

The tea is blended and packed on the farm in Egypt and they work hand in hand with Sekem, an Egyptian initiative committed to sustainable local development.  Find out more at www.sekem.com.



For further information, visit the following websites:




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