Fab Feb – Granovita pates

Fab Feb bannerGranovita Pates               

We stock a good range of Granovita’s pates in tubes and tins – we have a selection of six classic and two new flavours for you to choose from, all with 10% off (prices show original price/10% off):


  • Chickpea £1.65/£1.48
  • Tofu and Tomato £1.65/£1.48
  • Mushroom £1.65/£1.48
  • Peppercorns £1.65/£1.48
  • *NEW* Red Pepper and Almond £1.95/£1.75
  • *NEW* Tomato and Rocket £1.95/£1.75
  • Tangy Tomato £2.85/£2.56
  • Spicy Mexican £2.85/£2.56

With the exception of the chickpea pate, these are all gluten free, and they are all vegan.  The first six listed above are in small tins, with a ringpull top and a resealable plastic lid for storage; the last two are in tubes.  They’re on offer for Friday 17th and Saturday 18th February.  These are fabulous spread on bread as a sandwich or quick snack – you can also eat them as a dip with raw vegetables or breadsticks.


Granovita are an entirely vegetarian company, based in Wellingborough.  We regularly have taster sessions in the shop with them where you can try their pates, milks and juices; we’re hoping to continue these with them this year as they expand their range of products.  We’ll be advertising these on our website (www.hornett.org.uk), Facebook page (facebook.com/hornettwholefoods) and Twitter (@healthyhornett) – follow us to find out when they’ll be on!  Visit Granovita’s website aswell to see what other products they have and find out if they’re on the shelves at Hornett Wholefoods!

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