Fab Feb – Squirty Cream

Fab Feb bannerSchlagfix Squirty Cream


Schlagfix-160x160Being vegan is fabulous, obviously, but there are certain things you have to leave out of your diet.  I used to think that squirty cream was one of them, but no more!  We have the delicious Schlagfix squirty cream in stock (and plenty of it too!) and for 48 hours, it has 10% off as part of our February spectacular.  It’s normally £2.49 a can, or just £2.24 with 10% off for Friday 10th and Saturday 11th February.

It’s not exactly an essential but it’s still a good thing to have in the cupboard!  This really is tasty and demonstrates exactly how much better vegan alternatives are these days.  We served this to our meat-eating family at new year (along with vegan cake and aquafaba meringues) and no-one was any the wiser; in fact a couple of them wanted to know what brand the cream was as it was the nicest they’d had!

And I dispute any suggestions that I’ve eaten a whole tin by squirting it directly into my mouth…!

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