Fab Feb – Chocolate Orange spread

Fab Feb bannerPlamil Orange Chocolate Spread

Choc orange spreadThe Plamil Chocolate Spread range is really popular – it’s a delicious vegan alternative to chocolate spread; it also has no hydrogenated oils so is healthier than most other mainstream brands.  A 275g jar is reduced by 10% to £2.93 from its usual price of £3.25 for two days during Fab Feb!  The Plamil website describes Chocolate Orange Spread as “Absolutely divine; hide the jar for yourself!” It’s ideal on toast, in sandwiches, or you can use it as a cake filling too.  Try it – you’ll love it!

  • What are hydrogenated oils and why are they bad for us?

Hydrogenated fat isn’t technically a saturated fat, so it looks OK on the label. But it is actually vegetable oil blasted with hydrogen so that it behaves like saturated fat.

The hydrogen makes the fat harder, which is why it sticks to your arteries. It’s also why it’s solid at room temperature (mono and polyunsaturated fats are usually oils). This solidity is desirable for food manufacturers as it adds substance and body to the product, whereas the healthier oils make things too squidgy and oily to the touch.

  • A brief look at how hydrogenated oil is made will show that it cannot be conducive to health:

    1 Vegetable oil is mixed thoroughly with fine particles of nickel or copper.
    2. It is then heated to a very high temperature (about 200 degrees celsius) and held at that heat for 6 hours.
    3. Meanwhile, hydrogen gas is pumped through the mixture at high pressure, and then the excited hydrogen atoms penetrate the vegetable oil molecules and chemically change them into ‘transfats’ (‘trans fatty acids’). These are new, complex substances that are not found in nature, except at low levels in some animal fats.
    4. The mixture is then cooled down to form tiny hard plastic-like beads. These hard beads are known as ‘hydrogenated oil’.

Information sourced from http://www.headheritage.co.uk


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