Fab Feb – Ten Acre Crisps

Fab Feb banner

ten-acreTen Acre is a completely vegan and gluten free snack company – they have crisps and popcorn; Hornett Wholefoods stocks five flavours of the crisps and they are really delicious!  We have:

The Story of When Cheese Met The Onion

When Hickory Got BBQ’d

Pastrami in the Rye

And for a couple of days they are reduced from 80p a bag to 72p.  The Cheese & Onion crisps are our top sellers and we always have to take a couple of boxes with us whenever we do fairs (Wellingborough Vegan Market on Saturday 24th June at The Tithe Barn, by the way) as it’s difficult to have only one bag at a time!

10 Acre - cheese onion TEN-CNO_4

From the Ten Acre website:

Hand Cooked with love and packed with crunch; each of our crisp flavours are Gluten Free, Dairy Free and MSG Free; as well as being Vegan, Vegetarian, Halal and Kosher certified, Plus great tasting.

Our tantalisingly tasty Hand Cooked crisps are made in the UK using British potatoes.


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