Free and Easy Organic Three Bean Chilli

Free and Easy – Organic Three Bean Chilli – 400g for £2.09

There has been a trend in recent years to introduce food from other countries into British culture. That’s why products such as the Free and Easy range in Hornett Wholefoods (including the reviewed product) exist – which is completely vegan. But first, allow me to talk about the Free and Easy brand, which belongs to the company Healthy Food Brands.

The business

Healthy Food Brands are based in West Sussex.

The product

The product consists of a typical mixed bean product with various spices added into the recipe. This would make the product sound like an average supermarket brand, although the organic nature of the product insists of its uniqueness.

The taste

The chilli begins with a rich, tomatoey taste provided by the base of mixed beans. This builds into a mild, spicy flavour, which continues and fades again after a while. As a fan of spicy foods, I would rank this product higher as the spice doesn’t overtake any other side dishes because of its mild nature. This product goes well with a side dish, such as a flatbread from the range at Hornett Wholefoods.

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